Terms of use of mobile application

Date of last amendment 21 day 11 month 2017 year

I.                   General provisions


1.       This document entitled “terms of use of mobile application” (hereinafter referred to as: terms of use) defines the terms of use of the mobile application entitled nextmeet app© (hereinafter: application) and the services provided therein.

2.       The users of the application by entering the public ID letters and numbers on registration plates of vehicles (hereinafter: registration plate) in the application (i) may get in touch with one another and (ii) may communicate with one another.

3.       This application is provided by service provider “nextmeet global Ltd.”

4.       The service provider reserves the right to unilaterally amend these terms subject to preliminary notification of the users.

5.       Following the amendment of the application and notification the user is deemed to have consented to the amended terms of use by virtue of the the first use on his/her part.

6.       Nonacceptance of the amended terms of use will render the application nonusable.

7.       Any and all data, picture, information and image associated with the application is exclusively owned by the service provider.

8.       The application will generate data transmission on the part of the user.


II.           Provisions relating to user


9.       Users of application will include natural persons having completed the registration process and observing the rules and terms of use of the mobile application.

10.   By virtue of completing the registration process, the user agrees to the service provider’s recording, storage of his/her data, and to the deletion of such date in case of use in deviation from the objectives of the application.

11.   The user may determine by way of the data setting(s) in the application the range of user(s) authorised to view and access his/her data.

12.   Personal data made visible and accessible by the user to other users of the application will be made visible and accessible to other users.

13.   The personal data are owned by the user.

14.   The user may not provide data belonging to other persons, owned by other persons, or are identical to the data of vehicles owned or used by other persons, and may not act in a way suitable for defrauding others, or is in conflict with Hungarian laws, in particular unsolicited, harassing, rude, violent, pornographic content or content suitable for raising hatred, and extraction of data from the application in deviation from the objectives of this application for the purposes of sale, business or otherwise.

15.   Users may not do or perform any action that may jeopardise, hinder, restrict the operation of the application or which may infringe the rights of third parties.

16.   Users may download the application from Google Play website free of charge.

17.   Users may use the application exclusively at their own risk, and the service provider shall not be responsible for any damage, especially arising from improper, erroneous use of the application in deviation from its intended purpose and shall not be liable for any damage in assets, damage of non-asset nature, consequential damage and lost profits.

18.   Users shall make every efforts to protect his/her personal data and his/her password.

19.   The user shall be responsible for any event or activity performed by entering his/her password.


III.        Provisions relating to service provider



20.   The service provider shall have the right to familiarise itself with all date of the user in the application, as well as to store them, and to take any measure necessary for the operation of the application, without first seeking the approval and the consent from the user, including removal and deletion of the data.

21.   The service provider shall have the right to make safety copy of any data, to store them, to modernise, amend of the application, and to change the operation and impression and IT processes of the application.

22.   The service provider excludes all liability for the reliability, operability or availability of the application.


IV.         Miscellaneous provisions


23.   The parties agree to resolve any dispute the service provider and the user may have within thirty (30) days in writing, by exchanging letters in 3-5 days.

24.   Any disputes between the service provider and the user shall be governed by Hungarian law in the Hungarian language.

25.   The service provider and the user agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Pest Central District Court to conduct any court action between them.